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Personalized and Discreet Paranormal Investigations in Kentucky and Indiana

Hello, my name is Glin. I have been investigating paranormal activity for well over fifteen years. I am what some might call an (HSP), which means a "highly sensitive individual." I will attempt to identify and then discuss with you, if your area is truly haunted. I am very honest, and will discuss any relative information in confidence. First interview is via phone, at which time I make suggestions. I usually give a week after initial contact before a home visit is warranted. I am not a demonologist, and will not attempt to investigate such, because that is territory only a priest should attempt to investigate.

I will spend as much time as needed, within reason (a week) depending on the situation with the client, to assure they are informed. My investigations are genuine, trustworthy and realistic. I can not make any guarantees, but I will do my best to aid in the client coming to a conclusion. The client should know that no investigation is 100 percent, and to expect an outcome that is at best informative.

The paranormal is not an exact science, and because of that I can only attempt to discern what may be causing the client to contact an investigator for paranormal activity. I have the utmost respect for my clients, and all information discussed will not be shared with a third party without written consent.

I am not a "professional ghost buster" but I am educated in the paranormal, and look forward to sharing my knowledge with you. I can sense spirits, and at times will be able to identify them, and then make suggestions as to what the clients next step should be. I do not "smudge." I use practical methods, and advise accordingly.

Attention: Although I do not use sophisticated equipment, I have found that a digital camera and an evp recorder produces great results, which my photos visually validate.

I had the privilege of meeting Mrs. Patti Star- she is totally delightful.

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